Microsoft Dynamics SL – Keep Your System Current

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 21, 2016

Upgrades. We all know we should do them. But we feel like there's never a "good" time to do them. And then there's the cost.

But not upgrading carries a cost as well. In fact, if you are using Dynamics SL 2011 or older, you really should be planning your upgrade now.

Little things like:

  • Data security
  • Preventing data loss - catastrophes happen
  • ACA compliance - are you at risk?
  • Time-saving functions
  • System stability
  • Hotfix access
  • Year-end update rights

Work with Crestwood to plan out a smooth and on-time, on-budget upgrade.


Another great reason to upgrade is that mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 ending July 12, 2016. What does this mean? It means that you won't get year-end updates, hotfixes, and many other benefits.  For more information on versions and Microsoft product lifecycles, visit the Microsoft support site or talk to your Account Manager at Crestwood.  Email us at

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