Microsoft Dynamics Tech Conference: CRM News

Posted by Donna Krizik on February 27, 2015

At the beginning of February, Microsoft held their annual Dynamics Technical Conference. The main goal of the conference is to keep tech professionals at the forefront of product releases and keep them moving forward in the industry.

From what some attendees in the blogosphere and social world were tweeting and posting about, it seems that a lot of the CRM sessions were conducted under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Thumbs down to that! However, there were a few details and updates that were given out that we are able to share.

Dynamics CRM Roadmap

The latest Dynamics Roadmap was released CRM “Carina” is coming this Spring, followed by the “Ara” update release in the Fall 2015.  We don’t have a lot of details about what will be included in the Spring 2015 of Dynamics CRM Carina; but there are rumors that the entire Dynamics CRM stack will be getting updates.  This includes Dynamics CRM online and on-premise, the Dynamics Marketing tool, the Dynamics CRM Social Listening feature, and Parature.

There is also buzz out there that Azure and Power BI are going to play a significant role in Dynamics CRM’s future for both on-premise and cloud customers, says Andrew Snodgrass, of Directions on Microsoft.  He also mentions that Azure has a huge array of impressive components that currently benefit Dynamics CRM like Power BI, Machine Learning, Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database and Social listening, among others. 

CRM Mobile Client

Dynamics CRM’s mobile client will also have a new look coming spring 2015 with the Carina update.  There were a few tweets out there that mentioned the Windows 10 Phone to get a desktop experience. Nice! 

From the buzz of it all, there is some great new technology coming our way for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We’re hoping more information will be released at Convergence 2015.

We’ll be there to catch all the latest, so stay tuned for more updates on CRM and other Microsoft Dynamics products from us via our Twitter page in three weeks at Convergence 2015. 

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