Missing Document Attach Paper Clip in Dynamics GP

Posted by Brandon Richards, Implementation Manager on September 26, 2016

We recently assisted a client with an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.  One of the new features they were excited to use was the Document Attach functionality within various areas of Dynamics GP.  However, during testing, we discovered that the Doc Attach paper clip icon was not appearing in the General Journal Entry window, but it was appearing correctly everywhere else in the application.

What Happened & How to Fix It

After some trial and error and troubleshooting in a test environment, we learned that this is caused by the use of a UNC path for the OLEPath in the DEX.INI file.  When deploying Dynamics GP, we used a Client Installation Template which pointed to shared UNC paths for the Forms, Reports, Letters and OLENotes.  While Doc Attach was working for the other areas in Dynamics GP, it wasn’t working for the General Journal Entry window.  By changing the UNC path to either a local drive letter path or to a mapped network drive, we were able to overcome the issue. 

This path caused the error:


Either of these options fixed the missing paper clip issues:

OLEPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2016\Data\Notes\


We contacted Microsoft Dynamics and confirmed this to be a quality issue with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.  We have confirmed this to be an issue in the current build 16.00.0439 build of Dynamics GP 2016, and are hopeful it will be resolved in a future build.

If you have further questions, or have run into something not working, give our team of experts a shout.  Email them at Support@Crestwood.com.

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