Monthly Maintenance Tip for Dynamics CRM – Bulk Delete

Posted by Jen Bieker on August 23, 2016

Just like a car, Dynamics CRM needs a bit of maintenance once in a while to keep running smooth and fast.  One thing you can do on a recurring basis is to clean out old and unused data with the bulk delete tool.  You might use it to remove:

  • Stale data
  • Irrelevant data
  • Unneeded test or sample data
  • Incorrect imports

For example, we use an add-on for Marketing in our Dynamics CRM system.  It tracks visitors to our website and logs everything.  So, once a month I have it set up to remove all the anonymous visitor records and related (child) records.  This past month it was over 5,000 records!

Here’s How:

  1. Go to Settings / Data Management and then choose Bulk Record Deletion.

  2. Next, define your search criteria, including the entity, details, and any date settings.

  3. Always use the “Preview Records” button at the bottom to double check you have the correct set of data to delete.
  4. Once you have confirmed the set of data is exactly what you want to delete, click on Next.
  5. Last, give the job a name, date, start time, and if you like, you can have it scheduled to happen on a regular interval. 


Want more information on keeping your Dynamics CRM system running great?  Just send us an email at and one of our experts can help make recommendations and get your system back in shape.

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