MR 2012 Won't Complete the Conversion from Functional to Reporting Currency

Posted by Donna Krizik on June 25, 2013

If you are having trouble with currencies converting, look no further, we may have the answer.

We recently ran into a situation where Management Reporter would not complete the currency conversion from functional (Peso) to reporting (USD) currency.
In the ‘Select Multicurrency Rate Types window’ (Setup>Financial>Rate Types) the Transaction Rate Default was set to ‘Exact Date’.  We expected this to work, since there was an exchange rate in the Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance window for every date.
However the function that Management Reporter uses to calculate this (glfuncaccounttransactionsopenreportingcurrency) was not able to find a match, so the TranslationExchangeRate value was 0.0000000 along with the TranslationCreditAmount and TranslationDebitAmount fields.
The solution was to change this value to either Previous Date or Next Date.
If Previous Date or Next Date is greyed out, the value can be changed in SQL by using the following:

update mc40300 set trxdtdef = 1 where exgtblid = 'USD TO MXN DOF '

​After we changed this value, MR was able to translate both USD and Peso entries to USD correctly.
If you are unsure working in SQL, please contact us for assistance before attempting this fix.

Contributed by:  Juliet Constantino, Senior Consultant, Implementation Manager and Team Leader  

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