Management Reporter (MR) Error #3660431 After Starting the DataMart Integration

Posted by David Gigear, Senior Consultant on November 1, 2016

Error 3660431 – “Sequence contains no elements”

I’ve seen this error happen a couple times now with both MR2012 CU13 and most recently, with CU15.  The error occurs after starting the DataMart Integration.  So, always make sure to go check the log after you start the DataMart integration.

If you see the error 3669431 – “Sequence contains no elements”, follow the steps to update the correct values in the ControlCompanyIntegration table in the Management Reporter (MR) database.

How to fix the MR error:

Step 1:  Find the Source ID

Look for ID  where the Discriminator = ':DYNAMICS'

select * from Reporting.ControlIntegrationSource
where Discriminator = ':DYNAMICS'

Step 2:  Find the ID

select * from reporting.ControlCompany

Step 3:  Insert ID and Source ID into the table reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration

select * from reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration

Here is a sample insert statement:

insert into reporting.ControlCompanyIntegration (ID,SourceID)
(select a.ID,b.ID
from reporting.ControlCompany a
cross join  Reporting.ControlIntegrationSource b
where b.Discriminator = ':DYNAMICS')

Now start the DataMart integration again and check the log file.  If no error, you're good to go. 

If you're still receiving the MR error, send us an email at and our team of experts can help.

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