Navigate Faster and Easier in Microsoft Dynamics GP With These Tips

Posted by Donna Krizik on November 4, 2015

As holidays grow closer and work looms large, we thought we’d offer a few of our favorite time-saving tips.

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1.Make sure you maintain the default setting in User Preferences where the Enter Key = Tab. Then keep your left hand on Tab and right hand on mouse and you’ll always be good to go. Tabbing out of a field tells Dynamics GP you are finished entering data there. If you adopt this practice, your speed will increase.

2.On the keyboard, use <Ctrl>+L as a substitute for a mouse-click on a looking glass when your cursor is in a master record field, such as Customer ID. Since your fingers are already on the keyboard, this option makes you very efficient.

3.When looking up a master record, a Lookup Window appears which has a default sort order by the ID you’re searching. Click on another header in that window and the sort order as well as “Find By” at the top of the window change accordingly!

4.Ditch the drop-down menus on the toolbar up top and start navigating with the large tiles in the bottom left-hand corner of the application. On each area page the palettes stay put unless you change them, and you can get around the system very easily and arrange your palettes the way you want them.

5.Navigate your account balance data by using the Account Rollup Inquiry window. This has to be the most overlooked window in the system, yet it does so much. It’s an inquiry on the financial area page, remembers the inquiries you build, doesn’t require consecutive accounts, and saves you time since running a financial statement to get rolled-up values isn’t always efficient. It’s super easy to use and even supports calculations.

6.Help – seems like a no brainer, but for a long time the Help button didn’t really help too much. Now they do! On every single window you have the blue question mark symbol, or you can use F1 if you prefer, and detailed help on that window will appear.

7.Dates – did you know that all you have to do is put in the ‘day’ and GP will fill in the current month and year for you?

            Some tips excerpted from GPUG Magazine Lucky 13 by Bob McAdam, Q2/Q3 2015

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