Next Check Number Field in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on September 21, 2016

The Next Check Number field can be a misunderstood part of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If not set up properly, you may eventually get check number results that do not make sense, or it may appear as though Dynamics GP is not functioning properly.  Let me explain.

The path to find your Next check Number is Financial > Cards > Checkbook.  Choose the correct checkbook by selecting the Checkbook ID.  So, right now, go into your Accounts Payable checkbook, the checkbook you write your checks out of.  I’ll wait.

Are you there, looking at this window?

In this window, you’ll see there is a field, Next Check Number.  In this screen shot, the field is currently at 999998.  Let’s discuss what this number is and what will happen next.

What is the Next Check Number Field?

The Next Check Number field will tell you what check number will be printed next.  So, a number of 999998 in the Next Check Number field, tells me that the next check number printed will be 999998, then it will add 1 to this field, so the check number after that is 999999.  What do you think will happen with the check number after 999999?

If you said the Next Check Number after 999999 will be 1000000, you are in the majority.  Unfortunately, that is incorrect. 

The Next Check Number after 999999 will be 000001, which may cause problems if you already used that check number, or if you have preprinted checks on hand.

How to Prevent Problems with Check Numbers

How this can be prevented?  It’s pretty simple, just make this number larger, with leading zeroes as placeholders.  So the Next Check Number can grow larger, and not ‘roll over’ back to the beginning. 

To change the Next Check Number, go to Financial > Cards > Checkbook and go into your checkbook, if you’re not still already there.  Then edit the Next Check Number field and save.  In my example, I’ll change the Next Check Number to 000999998, which will allow millions of check numbers before it rolls over. 

You can even make this number larger, if you’d like, up to 20 digits.  Usually that is too large for most businesses and makes looking up information a pain.  I recommend 7 to 9 digits for your check numbers.  Now, when the check number gets to 000999999, the Next Check Number will indeed be 001000000, and there will be no error.

I hope this blog has cleared up any confusion over the Next check Number and how it works in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If you need additional assistance on your Next Check Number, Crestwood Support is here to help.  Email us at

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