Nodus Credit Card Advantage is Ready for GP 2013

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 10, 2013

Nodus releases Service Pack 2 for Credit Card Advantage.

With the release of Service Pack 2 for Credit Card Advantage, Nodus is all set for Dynamics GP 2013.  They have performed extensive compatibility tests and all is well.

Some exciting changes included in Service Pack 2:

  1. Allow mass deletion of Expired Credit Cards.

From CCA>Expired Credit Cards window, users now have the ability to select all the expired credit cards and delete them or update one by one.

  1. Test Setup ID Connection

When creating a Setup ID, users will now be able to test the Connection on the Setup window itself to verify if the gateway credentials entered are valid or not.

  1. Test Database Connection

When configuring Email Setup, users can now test the Connection to the database.

  1. Test Email Receipt Setup for SMTP

When configuring Email Receipt Setup, users will now be able to test the mail exchange server settings whether valid or not.

  1. Support of 3 Additional Payment Gateways

Valutec, Cybersource, Litle

  1. Changes to Level 3 Data Support for New Gateways

Additional field mapping changes due to gateway processor’s mapping updates.

  1. Searching Transaction ID for processing Referenced Credit transactions

On CCA eTransaction Entry window, users will now be able to search the Transaction ID by Document Number for processing referenced credit transactions.

  1. Support for Gift Cards

Gift Card Payment type is now added and will be supported with Valutec gateway. Users will be able to activate Gift Cards from Credit Card Setup window and process transactions. Gift cards can also be Deactivated or Add more Value to the existing Gift Card.

  1. Enhanced view for Auto Batch

When creating Auto Batch Transactions, Users will now be able to select/deselect up the documents for creating Batch transactions.

  1. Credit Transaction type for Cash Receipt with negative amount.

Users will now be able to process Credit Transaction type against a Cash receipt generated with negative amount (less than zero).

  1. Support GP2013 web client

CCA is now supported with the GP2013 web client for processing Real time Transactions.

  1. Enhancement of Mark Deposits window for Bank Deposits

For GP Bank Deposits, CCA will list all the transactions based on the Card Name, Date Range and cut off Time for users to mark the payments.

If you would like help determining if you should or how to apply the update, just let us know., 847-394-8820 ext. 7.

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