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Posted by Jen Bieker on August 26, 2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 has really stepped it up in terms of marketing automation.  If you’re not using marketing automation in your Dynamics CRM system, you’re missing out.  It is one of the most crucial pieces of your business.  Marketing automation helps you to understand buyer intent, engage your prospects and allow them to move at their own pace through the buying process.   If done properly, it can drive your sales and revenues numbers without overbearing your staff.

Lead Nurturing
There are many important pieces of marketing automation, but let’s talk specifically about nurturing prospects.  Nurturing prospects, to put it simply, gives us the ability to deliver relevant content and follow ups to potential customers on products/services they might be interested in, without having to use a lot of valuable sales staff time.  Dynamics CRM helps us nurture in numerous ways.  There are some nurture campaigns that are completely automated emails leading the prospect on their buying journey, where some lead to scheduling an appointment or follow up call from a sales person, and others to just gather relevant information or offering prospects valuable information; such as a webinar or free white paper.  No matter what, you’re collecting valuable data to help improve your sales process and numbers.

Suggested Steps for Creating Successful Nurturing
1. Know your audience and segment: define your ideal customers and segment them.  Emails are not a one size fits all scenario.  We use different nurture campaigns for different segments of prospects.

2. Offer prospects a value item: instead of a sales pitch right off the bat, offer them valuable information, like a free assessment or industry white paper.  Lead them in the right direction to discover the value of your products for their business on their own.

3. Set goals and objectives for each step:  each email or contact with a prospect should have a goal.  What type of content should I deliver?  What’s the specific purpose of this email?  Make a flow chart or diagram to layout each step, goal, objective, and don’t forget, timeline.

4. Timeline:  space things out.  People need time to process information and decide to buy.  We all hate pushy salespeople.  Don’t try to rush the sale, let nature take its course.

5. Evaluate and adjust:  So often we run out of time to truly step back and evaluate a campaign.  The only way to improve is to experiment and analyze your results.  Try different timelines, or different value offerings and quantify the results so you can improve your process.

Now What?

Ok, so you’ve planned out your nurture campaigns, how do I get them started?  There are lots of valuable resources online to help you.  Here are a few of my suggestions; and remember, you can always give Crestwood a call and we can help you too.

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