Partner Showcase: Avalara – Making sales tax less taxing

Posted by Donna Krizik on January 27, 2015

Audit season is well on its way and the thought of audits make many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP customers nervous. One of the areas that can trigger audits is in the sales tax arena. 

Tax Jurisdiction Overload

Did you know there are over 11,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States?  They don’t just correlate to counties or cities either. Plus, what is taxable in one jurisdiction might not be the same in another, but sometimes is. Ugh!

For example, O’Hare airport in Chicago, IL has multiple tax jurisdictions. Isn’t that insane? Pay one tax amount in one wing of the airport, and another amount somewhere else.  Trying to manage all of this manually really is a nightmare.

If you don’t keep up with all the recent sales tax changes, the chances of your business being chosen for an audit are much higher.

How Many States?

Do you conduct business in different states?  This is another area where companies often move up the audit list…keeping up with multiple states tax regulations makes it more likely that you’ll miss something and not remit the right sales tax. 

Make it Easy, Finally

We have run across one of the best sales tax software available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Avalara.  They make managing sales tax easy, saving hours of unnecessary work, and saving your company money!

Avalara is a cloud-based, automated sales tax calculation system that provides the easiest, most accurate way to calculate, collect, report, and remit sales and use tax. Look at what Avalara can do for you:

  • Automated Rate Determination
  • Automated Certificate Management
  • Automated Filing and Remittance
  • Nexus Obligations
  • Sourcing and Taxability


One of Avalara’s most popular products, which is easy to use, highly accurate, and cost effective is AvaTax.  AvaTax integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and delivers the most precise sales tax calculations based on over 11,000 tax jurisdictions. Even better, it’s a simple to use and easy to set up. Simply, select AvaTax as the tax schedules

ID for all your customers and done! Never research or miscalculate another tax rate again. 

Want more information?  Contact Crestwood today! 

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