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Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 29, 2015

With Acumatica, there is always some new feature to learn that makes our lives run a little smoother and this week, I have been utilizing a helpful feature called the “Personal Settings” tab, highlighted below:

The tab, located within User Form (SM.20.10.10), allows the user to define a variety of default settings that are to be used in Acumatica ERP for a selected user.

These settings, which include the “PDF signing Certificate”, the “Time Zone”, the “Default Branch”, and the “Home Page”, are defined below. 

Element Description
PDF Signing Certificate The certificate that the system will use for signing PDF files you generate in Acumatica ERP. If you don’t specify a certificate, files will be signed with the default PDF certificate specified on the Site Preferences(SM.20.05.05) form.
Time Zone The time zone to be used to display document and wiki article timestamps converted to the user time zone if there are users working with the system from different time zones. If no time zone is specified, documents will be time stamped using time settings on the server computer.
Default Branch The branch to which the selected user would be signed in by default if the user has access to multiple branches.
Home Page The dashboard to be displayed for the user on the home page of Acumatica ERP instance.

The settings, which are optional, are changes that the user can make themselves on the User Profile (SM.20.30.10) form.

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