Printing a Check for a Customer when Processing an AR Customer Refund in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 28, 2015

In Acumatica, there may be times where you need to print a check from the Accounts Receivable (AR) module when a Customer Refund is processed. Although currently there is no specific button that automates this, below is a work-around that will allow you to print checks to your customer.

Let’s begin!

1. First, you will need to perform a refund by creating a Customer Refund Document in AR. To do so, select “Payments and Applications” followed by “Documents to Apply”.
2. Next, select “Credit Memo”, “Payment” or “Prepayment” to choose how you would like to issue the refund.
3. Typically, the Customer Refund Document debits AR and credits cash to the account. In this case, however, we need to manually select a cash clearing account to replace the cash account, and release the transaction. Doing so will allow the system to credit the cash bank account and debit the clearing account when an Accounts Payable (AP) check is issued.
4. In AR, select “Customers” and choose the customer for whom the check needs to be issued to.
5. Select “Action” and then “Extend to Vendor”. This will create a vendor account for the customer and will allow the user to create a check in accounts payable.
6. Finally, in AP, select “Work Area” and then “Quick Checks”.  
7. Create a check for the Customer/Vendor in the amount refunded on Customer Refund document. 
8. Change the Expense Account to the Clearing Account that was used in AR.
9. At this point, typically, a Quick Check document debits an Expense account and credits a cash account, however, in this case, it will debit the clearing account that was used before, and will credit a cash account.

Now, the refund is completed, all accounts have been balanced, and an AP check has been issued to refund the Customer.

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