Qualifying Leads in Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. 2011

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 26, 2015

Qualifying a lead is one of the areas that has changed quite a bit in the new version of Dynamics CRM 2013 and tends to have people confused.  I’ve been giving this explanation quite a bit lately, so I wanted to share it. 

The Basics of Leads
In Dynamics CRM, at some point in your sales process, you need to decide if a lead is good, meaning it should move on to be an active opportunity for a sale.  So we qualify or disqualify the lead. 

Meaning, good leads get qualified, and turned into an:
• Account, if one doesn’t already exist
• A contact, if the person is not in CRM
• And a new sales Opportunity 

Bad leads, or leads with no current potential for a sales get disqualified with a reason; such as:
• Lost
• Cannot Contact
• No Longer Interested
• Canceled
• No Budget
• Not Required

Why the Confusion with Dynamics CRM 2013?
In both Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013, you still go through the process of qualifying or disqualifying a lead; however, there are some big differences in what you, as the user, sees on the screen.
In Dynamics CRM 2011, when you qualify or disqualify a lead, you got a pop up window with options.  You had to choose if you wanted the lead information turned into an account, contact, and opportunity entry in CRM.

Now, in Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft eliminated some of the user steps involved, and in a sense, have made the system automatically choose what to do, based off information in the lead area.

For example, under the ‘qualify’ gold bar at the top of the lead area, if data is selected here, CRM knows it already exists in the database, and it will not create a duplicate record.  However, if left empty, then CRM knows to create the Account and/or Contact.

Regardless of the Account and Contact, the system will always create a new opportunity now based on your lead information.

Qualify a Lead in Dynamics CRM 2013:
1. Account will be created if left empty in the qualify area (Yellow)
2. Contact will be created if left empty in the qualify area (Pink)
3. Opportunity will always be created from a lead when qualified (Blue)

Disqualifying a Lead in Dynamics CRM 2013 hasn’t changed too much with versions.  You do not get a pop up window like in CRM 2011 and the reasons for disqualification have been reduced to Lost, Cannot Contact, No Longer Interested, or Canceled.

Once a lead is disqualified, you’ll notice there is a lock symbol alongside all the fields, and the qualify / disqualify buttons at the top are replaced with a “reactivate lead” button.]

If you still have questions on leads, watch our short video on how to qualify a lead in Dynamics CRM 2013.

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