Quick & Easy Drill Down in Dynamics CRM Data

Posted by Brenda Senger on September 28, 2016

Charts and views are extremely helpful within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they can help analyze key trends and progress at both the user level and companywide. One great feature that is not completely obvious, is the ability to drill down and manipulate your data by selecting areas of your chart.

For example, a supervisor may want a view that shows all cases for the agents under them. The view would be Active Cases and one chart associated with that view would be Cases by Agent.

At a high level, this is a nice view, but what if the supervisor wanted to quickly drill down and see all the active cases specific to one agent? Instead of filtering the column or setting up multiple personal views, another option is to simply click on the bar graph of the agent you want to see.

When I select the blue bar associated with the agent, Jen Bieker, it immediately alters my view and shows me just her active cases.

Selecting areas on a chart is a quick way to drill down data in a view, rather than creating multiple system or personal views or having to set filters on your data sets. This can be applied to all areas throughout Dynamics CRM.

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