Quick Print Error in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Georgia Stewart on September 14, 2016

The other day our support team was asked to assist a client with a problem related to Quick Print in the Sales Order Processing (SOP) module of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Users were receiving the error, “Cannot Open Macro File” when they tried to use Quick Print in the Sales Transaction Entry window.

What is Dynamics GP Quick Print?

The SOP Quick Print feature allows you to save and print a sales order, a fulfillment order, or an invoice document with the corresponding packing slips and picking tickets all in one step. It is a standard part of Dynamics GP. You first use the Quick Print Setup to specify what you want to print. To access the setup, click Options when you are in the Sales Transaction Entry window, then select Quick Print Setup. You can configure additional options for packing slips and picking tickets, as well as for the report output settings. Also, you can mark a box to keep the current document displayed during the print process.

After you have set up the Quick Print screen, you select a sales order, a fulfillment order, or an invoice document in Sales Transaction Entry, then click CTRL+Q and the document will be saved and then printed, all in a single step.

Troubleshooting the Quick Print Error

Crestwood had recently been assisting this client, setting up a new company in Dynamics GP.  The new company did not have the same modifications as their other companies; therefore, we recently made a copy of their Dynamics GP folder for a new company.

We had also copied the Dynamics GP desktop icon on their terminal server so that they had a separate desktop icon for the Dynamics GP2013-New company pointing to the Dynamics GP2013-New folder and Dynamics GP start program. That way they were able to provide quick access to one group of users who only accessed the New company.

It was after this, that users reported the error, but only for the new company.  Quick Print was working correctly for the original companies in Dynamics GP.  Every time users opened the Sales Transaction Entry window and selected a sales order and then clicked CTRL+Q to process Quick Print, the Print Documents window opened, but they received an error “Cannot Open Macro File” in the new company.

The odd thing about the error was that it was only occurring when non-sa users tried to use the Quick Print feature in the New company. When you have the Quick Print feature enabled it is set for each workstation and there is a line in the DEX.ini file on the user’s workstation that indicates the settings for Quick Print (see screen shot of the DEX.ini file below). The line will start with ST_SOP_Shortcut=.  We confirmed that the line was present and changing the Quick Print Settings did not correct the problem.

We determined the best way to troubleshoot the problem would be to create a DEXSQL.log file which would provide additional details about the error message. To create this file, you go into the Data folder found in the Dynamics GP folder.

How to Create a DEXSQL.log File

  1. Right-click on your Dynamics GP icon and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Open file location button

  3. Open the Data folder that is found within the Dynamics GP folder.
  4. Open the DEX.ini file in Notepad and change three lines in the DEX.ini file to equal TRUE instead of FALSE:

  • SQLLogODBCMessages=TRUE

  • SQLLogAllODBCMessages=TRUE

    5. Save the DEX.ini file and then restart Dynamics GP.
    6. You will then see a DEXSQL.LOG file in the Data folder.
    7. Now, test it.  Go to the window you want to test and get everything prepared to test.
    8. Open the DEXSQL.LOG file in Notepad.
    9. Chose Edit > Select All, then Edit > Delete to remove all the contents.
  10. Last, click CTRL+Q and after the error message displays, review the DEXSQL.LOG file.

The problem we had here is that the DEXSQL.LOG file did not get created. This led us to question what folder security was set up on the GP folder.

Dynamics GP Folder Security

In order to correctly use Dynamics GP, users must have Full Control permissions on all folders where dictionary files are located. This includes the Dynamics GP folder and sub-folders, as well as any shared folders for reports and forms dictionaries.

How to Verify Folder Permissions

  1. Right-click the Dynamics GP folder and click Properties.
  2. Next, click the Security tab and make sure the User or User Group(s) have Full Control marked in the lower section of the window.
  3. If the User or User Group(s) do not have full control, click the Edit button, highlight the User or User Group and mark the Full Control box under the Allow column.
    Note that only a system administrator can provide this access.

  4. After you set the User group to have full control of the Dynamics GP folder, open Dynamics GP and test the Quick Print functionality.


The reason Quick Print was not working in this example is because the users did not have the correct permissions on the Dynamics GP folder.  We set the user group to have full permissions and Quick Print worked again.


If you or your team are experiencing issues with Dynamics GP, send our in-house Dynamics GP support team an email at Support@Crestwood.com

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