Quick Tip: Using Dunning Letters in Dynamics SL AR Collections Manager Module

Posted by Christine Jacob, Client Account Manager on October 19, 2017

Do you have Crestwood’s add-on module, AR Collections Manager for Dynamics SL?  If not, you should see what you’re missing!  Stop searching for information and start using it with our automation collections tool.

AR Collections Manager module for Dynamics SL tip:

Use the Dunning Letter Generation screen for a list of daily collections activities – keyword being “Daily”.  Make sure to set your filter to be a manageable size list for the day.  For example, if you set the parameters to be over 90 days and over $1.00 you might get a list of 1,000 calls to make.  That’s too many calls for 1 day.  So adjust your parameters!  You want to use this screen for a list of daily activities.

If you’d like more information on AR Collections Manager for Dynamics SL, visit our webpage or send us an email at Marketing@Crestwood.com.

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