Reason #42 to Use Dynamics GP - Get a Better Handle on Your Cash Flow

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 25, 2015



Every day, I hear executives talking about cash flow at our office.  How about you?  Cash flow management is a critical process that can make or break your business.  If you’re not using Dynamics GP, you’re missing out on some great tools to help.  Take a look at how you can significantly reduce the time you spend on daily cash management and how to automate cash processes, to get more money in the door, faster, with Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP can help you and your cash flow by:

1. Invoice Management:  With Dynamics GP you can send customers electronic invoices instantly.  Save time and the cost of postage (times however many invoices per month) = cash savings.  This feature comes free with Dynamics GP, allowing a shorter bill cycle and getting cash in the door faster.

2. Online Bill Pay:  Get more money in quicker, by making it easy for customers to pay their invoices.  With Dynamics GP web portal, customers can view invoices online and then immediately pay them via Credit Card, ACH, or credit memos.  By using this automated feature, it cuts down on manual entry by your AR team, saving time, money, and reducing errors.

3. Credit Cards:  There are several Credit Card solutions that integrate with Dynamics GP.  Pay a little in processing fees, but it brings in more money, faster.  Crestwood Associates can help you decide which Credit Card product is right for you.

4. Cash Flow Management:  Dynamics GP has built in dashboard and reports for cash flow management.  Instantly see real time, daily data of due dates on AP and AR.  These reports can really help you get a handle on your cash.

5. Collections Management:  The premier add-on for collections management by Professional Advantage, will dramatically reduce the time spent collecting money from customers.  With this tool, you can centralize your contact and collection information; therefore, automating your collections process.

Learn more about increasing your cash flow and better management strategies.  Visit our website at or contact us today for a Dynamics GP demo and free trial at

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