Receivings Line Items SmartList Not Displaying Data

Posted by admin on July 20, 2015

Select T1.DECPLQTY, count(*) from (select * from svReceivingLine with (NOLOCK)) T1 group by T1.DECPLQTY

From the desk of Crestwood Support:

We had a client report an issue with their Receivings Line Items SmartList in GP 2013. It was not showing any data. Then a second client sent us a similar issue indicating that the same SmartList was giving an error when you tried to view the data. 

We discovered that both of these issues are related to the new eOne version of SmartList Builder.

If a user accidentally modified the canned GP version of the Receivings Line Items SmartList in the eOne version of SmartList Builder, it may cause users to receive the above error or not get any data when they open the SmartList.

When a user modifies one of the canned SmartLists via the new version of Smart List Builder the following happens:

  • SmartList Builder clones the canned SmartList and saves a new modified version with any changes the user made.
  • SmartList Builder ‘hides’ the canned SmartList so the users can’t see it anymore in the SmartList Window.
  • The 'modified' SmartList looks identical to the canned version when the user pulls it up in SmartList so the user will not realize they have actually modified a canned SmartList.

To see this, go to the Customization Status window (Microsoft Dynamics GP button > Tools > Customize > Customization Status) and temporarily disable SmartList Builder. 

Then go back into SmartList (Microsoft Dynamics GP button > SmartList) and you will see there are 2 SmartLists with the same name of Receivings Line Items. The top folder with that name is the modified version of the SmartList and the bottom folder is the canned version. If you click on the top folder you will get the error or no data. If you click on the bottom folder, the data displays correctly. 

You should check the SmartList Favorites in each folder to make sure they are identical. If there are any favorites in the top folder that are not in the bottom folder, take screen shots of the columns and search selections so that you will be able to recreate the favorites later.

Close out of GP and then sign in again so that SmartList Builder is enabled again.

Go into SmartList Builder (Microsoft Dynamics GP button > Tools > SmartList Builder > SmartList Builder). Select Existing in the SmartList Type, then do a LookUp and you will see that the modified Receivings Line Items SmartList has an asterisk after it (Receivings Line Items*) -- the asterisk indicates it has been modified.

You can select the Receivings Line Items* SmartList ID and then delete it. 

Open SmartList (Microsoft Dynamics GP button > SmartList) and you will receive a message asking if you want to make changes. Click Yes.

This will put the canned version back into GP so the user will be using the canned Receivings Line Items SmartList instead of a modified version.

 Then you may need to go add back the favorites if any are missing.

However, if you would like to keep using the modified version you can fix the SQL statement it is using by executing the following script in the DYNAMICS database:

update slb10100 set TXTFIELD = 'select * from slbReceivingLines with (NOLOCK)' where SmartList_ID = '.28' 

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