Exploding Detail on a Report in Acumatica with the Analytical Report Manager (ARM)

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on November 14, 2016

Here’s a great one for your Acumatica reports.  You can explode, yes explode is what Acumatica calls it too, your account detail out on your reports.  This is helpful when you want to simplify having to set up all that account detail on a report.  Instead, you can set up a simple summary row definition and then the report “explodes” out the account detail when you run it.

Here's How:

  1. Set up your Row Set with a mapping to a range or group of accounts, or use an Account Class as shown here (SALES).  Under the Data Source window, in the Expand field, select Account from the dropdown list, to show each line broken down by natural account.  You can also set the Row Description field to show the account code, the account description, the code + description, or the description + code.
  2. The results look like this when your report is generated.  Even though we had one line mapped to the “SALES” account class, all accounts in that class are expanded on the report.
  3. Another option is to select just “Description” in the Row Description field, and then in the Column Layout, you can add an Account Code column, to show it in its own column.
  4. The results look like this when the report is generated, with the Account Code showing in its own column.
  5. Expanding the subaccount would look like this in the Row Set.  Change the Data Source window to look like this.
  6.  When the report is generated, subaccounts are expanding instead of natural account, and the Account column now lists the subaccounts.


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