Sales Holds in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Giuffre on June 27, 2016

Here is a handy tip from our Crestwood Consulting Team, how to set up a sales hold in Dynamics GP. This feature is often overlooked in Dynamics GP but can be very helpful.  This article will walk through the steps on how to setup, define, and apply holds to Sales Documents in Dynamics GP.

Overview & Setup

Holds are created in the Process Holds window under Sales Setup.  

  • Each Hold can have a password that will be required to clear the Hold. 
  • The Hold can be applied to different tasks like Transferring Documents – this could be used to keep an order from being transferred to an invoice (at least until the Hold is cleared). 
  • You can create as many Holds as you need or want.


Using Holds

To apply a Hold, use the GoTo button on Sales Entry or open the Sales Customer Detail Entry window and click the Holds button.  You can select any Process Hold you’ve setup and Assign it to the order or invoice.  There is no limit to the number of Holds applied to any order.  Holds are removed by selecting the Assigned Hold and clicking the Remove button.  If a password is required by the Hold it will need to be entered to do the removal.

When a Hold is assigned the button will get a red stop sign in the Sales Customer window.

Default Holds:  You can also setup default holds.  Default Holds can be assigned to every document of that Order Type.  For example, an Invoice Hold could be created to default on every order with a unique password.  Which means no one could transfer an order to an invoice unless they knew the password.  Default holds are setup under Sales and Sales Document.

It is also possible to Assign or Remove Holds en masse using the Sales Holds Processing window under Sales Transactions.

There is a Sales Process Holds Inquiry window that will show all the documents in a particular Hold status.


If you need help with setting up or using Sales Holds

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