Quick FRx to Management Reporter 2012 note from the field, live at Convergence 2013!

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 19, 2013

Some tips from Convergence Session: Transitioning from FRx to Management Reporter 2012

Fresh from the field, John Kazanow has some great tips just learned at the Transitioning from FRx to Management Reporter:

  1. Purge, purge, purge.  Clean your reports and don't migrate things that you aren't using:   Companies,trees, rows, catalogs, spec sets.
  2. As always....make a backup before any purge.
  3. Compact current spec set or database to clean this process up.   This will identify errors in the FRx files during conversion in the MR migration wizard.
  4. Delete all G32 files for each company that is to be migrated. Log back into FRx to recreate new g32 files.
  5. Export reports and specs sets as a precaution.
  6. Document (write down and save electronically) the MR server name and database information. Keep it handy.
  7. NOTE:  Accounts sets will not migrate over to MR!


Stay tuned to the Crestwood blog for more updates! 

For more information on migrating from FRx to Management Reporter, call us 847-394-8820, ext 12, or email us at bmcguckin@crestwood.com.  Happy migrating!

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