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Posted by Jen Bieker on September 25, 2014

There is a lot of buzz around the new role that Marketing plays in the sales process.  Now more than ever, to be successful, it is critical to have tight integration between sales and marketing.  Looking at it logically, it sounds simple. 

However, as you might imagine, integrating the two teams isn’t a walk in the park.  The biggest issues we run into are the lack of time to really communicate between the teams, trying to standardize the sales process, and the difference in focus between sales and marketing.   

We started with our own sales and marketing teams and mapped out the traditional sales process, looking for opportunities where marketing could help.  We used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide the framework for us, and to make communicating easier. Just by mapping out our process and asking the question, “Does a salesperson need to do this,” we found we could offload about 30% of the tasks handled by the sales team. 

Through this exercise alone, we increased our sales capacity by 30% without hiring a single additional salesperson

We started calling our Sales meetings “Smarketing” meetings, and added marketing metrics like how many leads were generated each month, from which channels, and how many qualified leads were passed over to sales. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been at the center of this initiative, allowing us to work very closely together even though we are geographically far apart. 

For example, the Dynamics CRM 2015 Marketing tool, scheduled to be released this quarter, promotes more collaboration between sales and marketing by deepening the visibility of leads, qualifying activities, campaigns, sales collateral, and giving our sales team the ability to see and comment on marketing efforts.  As for marketing, there are new features to improve on campaigns; such as, increased segmentation, email blasts enhancements, and even a marketing calendar.

I’m most excited about the new Sales Collaboration Panel, which will let us see how our customers are responding to our marketing campaigns by tracking responses.  Sales people will now be able to see exactly what their customers are doing and what they are responding to, which in turn can help drive marketing efforts in the right direction.

Look for these great new features and more in the Dynamics CRM Fall Wave release is called “Vega”.  It applies to both CRM Online and CRM On-Premise. 

Talk to Crestwood today to get your Smarketing team working and download the free ebook from Microsoft “Increase Your Impact with Dynamics CRM Marketing”

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