Smartlist Favorites in Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Giuffre on October 10, 2016

We love Smartlists in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  How about you? 

Do you know what we love even more?  Smartlist Favorites!

What’s that you ask?  Smartlist favorites is a way to add your custom Smartlists to a special folder, the favorites folder, so you have easy access to it.


Microsoft includes many standard, or default, Smartlists with Dynamics GP.  These are noted with an asterisk.  You can, of course, start with these and create new Smartlists.  Additionally, in any Smartlist you can add columns and filter data as needed until you get them just right.  But, when you are done, make sure you click the Favorites button to save your changes!  This will allow you to come back to pick up where you left off next time.


When you create a Smartlist Favorite you can give it any name you want.  You’ll certainly want to be descriptive here, and the field is fairly long for you to type in.  After you describe your Favorite you’ll need to decide how you want to publish your Favorite using the “Visible To:” options.

There are four “Visible To” options available.

  1. System – this means everyone can see your Favorite.
  2. Company – only users in this GP Company can see your Favorite.
  3. User Class – only users in your User Class can see your Favorite.
  4. User – you are the only one that can see the Favorite.


If you think other Dynamics GP users will need or want your Smartlist Favorite, then by all means share them!  This should help your entire company be more productive and efficient with GP.

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For more information and help in building Smartlist Favorites, contact Crestwood Support at

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