Sneak Peek at Dynamics 365 v9.0

Posted by Jen Bieker on June 28, 2017

Microsoft recently held a 3-day “Preview Executive Briefing” for partners like Crestwood Associates, showing off version 9.0 or the July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365 (previously called Dynamics CRM).

In this preview, we got to see new and updated functionality, including some pretty amazing things.


The briefing went over both the Business Edition and Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights we thought you would be interested in.

Facelift - A great new client interface would be the same look and feel on all platforms, Web, App, Mobile, and Outlook.  


Skype for Business Contact Cards – makes for easier team collaboration in Dynamics 365.

Multi Select Option Sets – Finally!  This is the most requested feature from customers and is coming soon.  We now have a new field type of multi-select option and it’s usable in Advanced Finds and the Mobile client.

Activity Timeline – the social pane has been redone and is now called Timeline Control.  It includes notes, posts, and a what you have missed area.


Universal Scheduling – Bringing together the scheduling engines for Field Service, Project Service, Sales, and Customer Service.  This will be a powerhouse of a feature!

Resource Scheduling Optimization – Easily check constraints and conflicts to schedule the best resource for the project tasks.  This will also give us much better reporting and troubleshooting features.

Event Management – In my opinion, this is the best new feature, but maybe that has something to do with working in Marketing.  The new Marketing Module will have a built in process of Plan>Launch>Close.  This buyer’s journey process helps track all stages in converting a lead.


Virtual Entities – connect data from other sources without having to do an import and create new entities for it.  It is a little checkmark box in the setting areas, and all you do is specify a data source.  For example, SIC codes for industries from Government websites.

Organizational Insights – Now we can report on internal stats and add functionality to our dashboards.  Easily include information from Business Units, Security Roles, etc. to help manage your team, licenses, and more.

Business Process Automation – Microsoft Flow and Action Workflows can now be connected right from a Business Process.  For example, send a new account directly to Dynamics GP when it’s created in Dynamics 365.  There are lots of interactions between systems with just a click of a button.


Besides all these great new features, we got more information on Dynamics 365 for Business vs. Enterprise editions.  Two big things we learned:

  1. You cannot go back from Enterprise to Business.
  2. Not all Enterprise capabilities are in the Business edition.

If you want more information, check out the complete summary.

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