Speed up Distribution Posting and Transaction Entry Performance in Dynamics GP

Posted by Ben Borger on March 24, 2014

Struggling with poor posting speed? Read on.

Issue:  Poor GP Posting Speed.

If you are using Dynamics GP with heavy distribution and want to improve posting performance, it’s worth getting a rowcount on the IV00107 table. If you have 500k-1m rows or higher, have a look at this bug report and work-around:

IV00107 is the Item Price List Options table, and can get very large for clients with a large number of items and price lists. The table itself stores settings on which selling options are available (Whole, Fractional) at each price level / UOM combination for each item.

Due to a bug with a trigger on the Item Master table, a huge number of rows in Item Price List Options get updated (just the timestamp) anytime you do anything that affects item allocation quantities (and many other tasks).


By revising this trigger (disabling it) you will see a huge impact on posting speed.  We had a client with 1m rows in IV00107 which was taking 30-40 minutes to post a batch of 50 invoices.  After this trigger change, that same size batch took 2 minutes.  A very small portion of users may not want to disable it.  The only thing that this trigger would be used for (if it worked correctly, which it doesn’t) is capturing the updated rows through the GP Web Service for export. 

Microsoft has acknowledged it as a bug, but there is no ETA for the fix.

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