Stay in the Game – Cloud is not Just a Technology, It’s a Strategy

Posted by Jen Bieker on November 21, 2014

What You Should Move to the Cloud First  

As a small or medium size business (SMB), we need to stay competitive.  Let’s face it, our workforce is going mobile and the data we capture is growing exponentially, but our legacy on-premise applications are having difficulty keeping up.  No matter what size business, we need to embrace the cloud, it makes good sense, but cloud technology can be confusing, especially for businesses with limited budgets and resources. 

So we all have questions, what should I move to the cloud, where is the cloud, when should I move things, and what costs are involved.  A well planned strategy tailored for your needs, can help answer these questions and ensure success.

Did you know?  81% of Organizations Forecast Moving to the Cloud

So, what should you take to the cloud first?  Simple answer, your ERP system.  For most SMBs, our biggest investments are in human resources, inventory, and fixed assets.  Managing these resources is business critical and having an ERP system with strengths in these areas can help grow your business profits.

Gartner’s report in June of 2014, reveals findings that enterprise business applications, such as ERP and financial or accounting solutions, is the largest area companies feel they need to invest in to grow their business and stay competitive in the SMB marketplace.  Acumatica, a full function ERP solution that was born in the cloud, has taken advantage of this trend and has rapidly become the fastest growing cloud ERP system today


Why has Acumatica been so successful? There are several reasons, but the biggest one is that SMBs get a world class solution, with complete IT infrastructure, without the world-class price.  Some reasons that we like it:

Improved accessibility, mobility, and usability – from anywhere at anytime. We have employees from California to Florida, so having a system that is accessible makes life easier.
Integration with other third party applications and banking software – you don’t have to open window after window and log into several systems.  You just work in Acumatica.
Better scalability – did we mention that Acumatica includes unlimited users? So no matter how fast or large you grow, you won’t have to struggle with who to buy a new license for. Licenses for everyone!
Quicker bug fixes – Acumatica is constantly monitoring and reviewing problem reports and notifications so they can address them before they even become a problem.
Immediate updates – no more worrying about applying patches or fixes. They are rolled out automatically and happen in the background.
First-rate security and confidentiality – with the cloud comes the question of data security. Data is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and all communication over the network is encrypted. Since data is not stored on the client, you can instantly remove access for any user.

As we mentioned, Acumatica is a particularly good value for the mid-market because of it’s unique pricing model - it is not priced by number of users, like other ERP soltuions. User counts of 10 or more really start to add up on other ERP solutions, and erode the cost benefit of moving to the cloud. Acumatica figured this out, and decided to offer something different. 

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, knows what SMBs need in cloud accounting software. 

SMBs have always had the business acumen, innovative spirit, and energy to compete and succeed. All they needed were the tools to help them execute. Now, thanks to cloud computing, they have those tools and can compete with anyone, on any playing field.
~ Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica

With a fully integrated line of ERP business suites, blazing fast performance, and an unlimited user pricing model, Acumatica is designed to accommodate SMBs and their rapidly growing businesses.

Let Crestwood Associates help you plan your move to the cloud.  Crestwood is a founding Acumatica Certified partner with the experience to help you incorporate best practices to make the most of your ERP. 

Experience the benefits of Acumatica, the Cloud ERP today.  Join us for a demo, and get a Free test drive and special pricing.

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