Staying in Balance Between Cash Manager and General Ledger

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on July 5, 2016

Using Cash Manager in Microsoft Dynamics SL is a great way to manage your bank accounts.  Sometimes, it becomes out of balance from the General Ledger.  Users must be extremely careful when entering any transaction in any module to a Cash Account.

When entering transactions, be sure to double-check that the Transaction Date for the entry falls within the Period to Post.  The entry posts to the General Ledger using the Period to Post, but it posts to the Cash Manager by the Transaction Date.  This is especially important around the first of the month, when sub-modules may not yet be closed.   Here are some examples of screens to verify:

a. Cash Manager - Cash Account Transactions screen:    

 b. Accounts Payable – AP Check Update (Post) screen.  (Last chance to verify the Date on the checks falls within the Period to Post) :

c. Accounts Payable – Manual Check/Payment Entry screen:

d. Accounts Payable – Void Check Entry screen:

e. Accounts Receivable – Payment Application and Payment Entry screens:

f. General Ledger – Journal Transactions screen:


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