Steps to Perform a One-time Back Up Using Dynamics GP

Posted by Sean Casey, MCTS on April 22, 2015

In order to perform this operation, you will need to be logged on as “sa” or “dynsa” as well as being logged on to the SQL server.

Log on to GP and select Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > Backup.


This will open the following window. Select the database that you would like to backup. Then select the location of the backup and name the file with a “.bak” extension.

Click OK.

Steps to do a One Time Backup in SQL Server Management Studio

You would access SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on your SQL server.  You will likely need the “sa credentials” but some systems are setup to allow connection through windows authentication.  Once on SSMS, expand your databases by clicking on the plus sign next to databases. 

Right click on the database you want to back up and select Tasks > Backup. 

This will bring up the following window and update the destination portion to back up to Disk.

Click on the Remove Button to remove the current backup location. 

Then click on Add to add a new destination. 

Click on the ellipsis and navigate to the location you want to save the database and name the backup file with a .bak extension.

Click  OK on this window and on the next two windows.  You will get a message that you backup has saved successfully.

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