Summer Project: Clean Up Your CRM Data

Posted by Jen Bieker on July 1, 2015

We have a great intern helping us this summer, Suzy.  She’s always eager to help and looking for more projects.  But how do we have her help clean up our CRM database?  We need help with lots of things, like:

  • Cleaning up duplicate entries
  • Removing people who no longer work for a company
  • Adding new contacts to an Account
  • Phone number clean up
  • Scrubbing out dated leads
  • Adding new information – phone numbers, emails, updated addresses
  • Reviewing recent news about hot prospects and leads

Manually, merging records, looking up every company and each piece of information would take Suzy more than her summer timeframe.  So what tools do we use to be most efficient and effective?

We are using some of the Dynamics CRM tools along with InsideView.  Being that both are already in our Dynamics CRM system, this would speed things up and allow us to easily update information.

Here’s some of the steps we are taking:

1. Go through and de-duplicate our system – using the duplicate detection jobs under Settings>Data Management.  Set up or run a job.  We did three (3) of them.  One on leads, another with contacts, and the last on Accounts.

2.  Next, we needed to update information.  So using InsideView, we had Katie go into each Account, verify the information and then use the Sync function to update the account.

Thanks to Dynamics CRM, InsideView, & Suzy, our data is cleaned and up to date, without having to wear her fingers out too much trying to Google everything.  

InsideView has plenty of other features, too, including:

  • Get the latest news about your prospects through curated news and social insights
  • Business insights alert you about compelling reasons to engage, such as company expansion, leadership changes, relocations, acquisitions, and financial updates
  • Daily alerts are delivered directly to your inbox
  • Use social media connectors to see who can introduce you to prospects and see what your prospects are talking about on social media
  • Your co-worker contacts are also available for you to leverage, but kept private to just your company

Talk to Crestwood today & if you already have Dynamics CRM Online, get InsideView for Free.


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