Take Control of Project Budgeting with Dynamics SL

Posted by Donna Krizik on September 2, 2014

Do you find it difficult to maintain full control over your project finances and increase your project profitability?

I find budgeting to be a beast in itself, with all the moving parts and people associated with them. You not only have to create budgets for every project, but you also have to approve budgets, track changes against your baselines, and manage your profitability. 

The Dynamics SL Project Budgeting module can help you do all of those things and take control of your projects and track the process and any revisions from beginning to end. 

Eliminate budget surprises.

With this tool you will have the control you need. Things don’t always go as planned with projects and budgets often need to be adjusted. That makes it particularly difficult to keep up with your estimate-at-completion (EAC), forecast-at-completion (FAC), margin percentages, and net profit. With the Project Budget module you can see the impact your budget changes will have on your profitability BEFORE approving them! Your project budget revisions and change orders are tracked easily and updated automatically giving you fresh stats to allow for better decision-making. 

Copy and Compare Budgets Easily

What usually happens to budgets once a project is complete? Do you ever use them as a template for future bids? If not, with this module you can definitely compare budget details with actuals at the end of a project for future bids.  Now you will have a more accurate idea of what future projects will cost eliminating any surprises for clients or your company. Now if that’s not resourceful, then I don’t know what is.

This module is available a la carte as an add-on to Dynamics SL. To add this module to your Dynamics SL solution, contact your Client Account Manager at Crestwood today. 

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