The Easy Way to Customize Smartlists in Dynamics GP

Posted by Mike Giuffre on October 11, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP Smartlists are one of the most useful and helpful features for analyzing your data.  You might find you want a custom Smartlist but you’re not quite sure where to start.  Rather than starting with a blank slate, it’s easier to customize a default Smartlist to suit your needs.

All default Smartlists in Dynamics GP are indicated by an asterisk next to the name.  These Smartlists were set up by Microsoft as a suggestion, but can be changed and reset back to the default if needed.

How to Customize a Default Smartlist

In Administration, locate Setup then Smartlist Options under System.

You should see the following window.

The Category lists all the standard Smarlists included with Dynamics GP.  Select any of them to change the defaults.

The scrolling window in the middle is a list of all the fields available on that Smartlist.  Fields that are checked are included in the Smartlist when you open it.  To add or remove fields, simply check or uncheck as needed.  Next, use the arrow keys on the right side to change the order of the fields.

Be careful about changing the “Maximum Records” in a Smartlist.  It may be tempting to see all records but Dynamics GP tables can accumulate a lot of data which can cause your Smartlist to take forever to come up.  It’s recommended that you keep the size at the default of 1,000.

Last, click OK to save your changes.  Don’t worry if you think you’ve messed it up.  You can go back and click on “Default” to reset it to the way Microsoft did originally.

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