The Secret to Prospecting with Dynamics CRM Online

Posted by Jen Bieker on April 26, 2016

How to use Insights to find, append and validate your prospects for free

Every day I get requests to dig up more information about prospects.  Part of me thinks it takes more time to write up the requests and email them than it would be to just do it.  But the sales team thinks I’m a whiz and that I know some mystical place where all the data is hiding.  Either that, or they’re just really good at talking me into doing it for them! They don’t know my secret, nor that it’s right inside of Dynamics CRM Online.  So I’m letting them behind the curtain with this article. They may still ask me to do it, but at least they’ve got a blueprint for becoming their own prospecting hero using Insights.   

Insights is a built-in feature of Dynamics CRM Online that functions a lot like Hoover’s or Dun & Bradstreet. You can look up a company (or person) and gather the locations, key contacts, website, news, and size information. It’s easy and Dynamics CRM does all the digging. 

You can get to Insights from either the Account or Contact area.  Here’s a simple overview.

How to Use Insights in Dynamics CRM Online

Go to an account or create a new one in CRM and look at the Insights area in the lower right.

To illustrate, I chose to look up Microsoft.  There are three areas of Insights that I find the most valuable:

1.  The News, Data, People, & Buzz area – just click through those and see what you find.  The best part, it’s updated constantly!

2.  Follow / Unfollow – simply “follow” a company here and it will be on your watch list.

3.  Pop out the Insights section to a full window with more options – look at all the information Dynamics CRM gives you about a company.

Populate CRM data from Insights:

Here’s my favorite time saving feature.  When creating a new account, you can have Insights populate a lot of the information for you. 

1.  Create a new account and add the required fields, including company name.

2.  Save the new account. 

3.  Go over to the Insights area and see what it finds. 

4.  Click on the little circular arrows.

5.  Add a checkmark to the Check All box or select the pieces of data you want.

6.  At the bottom, click on the button to Update Account.

7.  You should get the following message

8.  Go back to your Account and refresh the screen.


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