Top 5 Ways to Recharge Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System

Posted by Donna Krizik on March 19, 2013

Too often CRM deployments are characterized by limited user adoption or a stale deployment. Want to breathe new life into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment? Below, we highlight 5 simple steps you should consider for resuscitating your CRM deployment and making the most of your CRM investment:

1.     Satisfy the “vocal” users. Every organization is comprised of a broad range of personalities. By identifying those CRM users who are “noisy in the lunchroom” you will find they are often those who can best be an advocate for driving user adoption of your CRM application. Make those users happy and you will have terrific internal advertising for Dynamics CRM.

2.     Improve Data Quality. Frustration sets in quickly for who see information in duplicate (or triplicate). Enabling the native de-duplication tools in Dynamics CRM helps to prevent thes annoyances before they can be established. Deploying this functionality is easy to do, it can take just minutes!

3.     Training! Too often we find users that received initial training, but then no follow up. A CRM solution supports dynamic business processes and therefore should be continually refreshed and enhanced. Providing users with follow-up training with ‘live’ data can significantly improve CRM use. Crestwood offers a variety of CRM training, from self-serve videos to one-on-one personalized sessions.

4.     Simplify Windows and Navigation. Dynamics CRM is ripe for altering---from altering tab order to simplifying screens by removing fields. We often find users that think they just need to learn to live with  unnecessary fields or other nonsensical arrangements. Making small changes to commonly used windows can have a great impact on overall ease-of-use and ultimately, user adoption.

5.     Deploy Dashboards. Everyone absorbs information differently. Dashboards, with graphical snapshots of CRM data and the ability to drill into the details, can help to drive user adoption for those that may not otherwise use the solution. Building dashboards in Dynamics CRM is intuitive and something that most of your users should feel comfortable doing. Let us show you how….call or email us!

Crestwood Associates is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner based in Mt. Prospect, IL . We support over 300 clients with our team of 40+ seasoned professionals and frequently work with clients who need to recharge their CRM System!

Learn what is special about a Crestwood CRM Recharge. Email us at or give Tim a call at 847-394-8820 ext 14.

Tim Thompson, Crestwood Associates LLC - An Indiana and Illinois CRM Partner

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