Upgrading Acumatica to a New Version

Posted by Mike Aichinger on January 19, 2016

The guide below is intended to help you upgrade to a new version of Acumatica, or to apply patches or fixes to the current version.

*For this example, we will utilize a scenario with fictional company, ABC Unlimited.

ABC Unlimited is currently utilizing Acumatica 5.2 (Version 5.20.0718) but would like to upgrade to Acumatica Version 5.20.1353 to improve performance.  To begin, they will need to:

1. Download Acumatica the installation files for the new version (from System>Apply Updates menu), and run the ERP installation process.

2. Run the ERP Configuration Wizard.

3. Select the company that the user would like to upgrade.

4. Select the “Upgrade Sites” icon, highlighted below:

5. The system will prompt the user to “confirm all files are going to be overwritten, do you want to proceed?” Accept this step and the system will begin to be upgrade.

6. Once complete, the user will get the Acumatica notification below.

Please Note: In some cases once the upgrade had finished, the Site Version and Database Version might not match and the instance name will appear in red.  If that happens you will need to update the Database, via the steps below.

How to Update the Acumatica Database Version:

Prior to updating the database, we strongly recommend making a backup of the database or taking a snapshot of the Live Company.

1. From the Application Maintenance window, select the Instance to update and then click on the Update Databases icon.

2. Select “Yes” to proceed.

3. The server will prompt the user to enter the SQL Server Authentication credentials to upgrade the database.

4. Once the process is complete, both versions will match in the ERP Configuration Wizard. At this point, the user can repeat the process for all the instances and portals (if necessary).


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Submitted By: Mike Aichinger, Implementation Manager

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