Users and Administrators Can No Longer Log into Management Reporter:

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on July 6, 2016

How to Fix Management Reporter (MR) After an Administrator User’s Password Changes in Windows


MR users cannot access the Report Designer from their workstations and the administrator can no longer log into the Configuration Console.  This is due to an issue where the Administrator user for Management Reporter changes their Windows password.


Here are the steps to correct this:

  1. Determine the SID of the ‘new admin account'.  To do this, log into Windows with the new admin domain account and bring up a command window,  Type:  “whoami  /user” (right-click to do a Select All) and then copy the information into Notepad. 
  2. Next, make a current back up your MR database.
  3. Update the tables in the MR database:
    select * from reporting.SecurityPrincipal   
  4. Edit and run this statement: (replace the Name with the new user’s domain alias name)
    Update reporting.SecurityPrincipal 
    set Name = 'NEW USER’s NAME' where ID = 'XXXXXX'      
  5. You will need to get the new admin user’s SID from the information pasted into Notepad in step 1 above. 

    select * from reporting.SecurityUser
    Note the current USERID value for the Admin user.  You will need to update the UserName and WindowsSecurityIdentifier to the new admin user's values:
    update reporting.SecurityUser 
    set UserName = 'New Admin USER name' where UserID = 'XXXXXX'
    update reporting.SecurityUser 
    set WindowsSecurityIdentifier = 'New USERS SID' where UserID = 'XXXXX'

Note:  If this same user is the one running the MR services, then be sure to update the logon credentials for those services too.  You can always remove and recreate them in the Configuration Console as well.  Also verify the new user has the correct access to the databases in SQL Management Studio.  


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