Using Bookmarks and Workflow Desks in Greentree

Posted by John Gabrys on January 25, 2017

Every day we forget to work on minimizing or eliminating or NVT’s.  What are NVT’s?  Non Value-added Tasks.  Today’s topic is just one more way to recapture YOUR valuable time in Greentree.

For those of you, like me, who consume 15 minutes or more of your workday using ‘traditional’ navigation methods like the menus at the top of your screen to go to your Workflow Desks (WD) in Greentree, read on for some time saving tips.

Traditional Navigation:

Here are a couple of ways most of us get to our Workflow Desks (WD) today.

  1. Using the Menu Tree palette select Workflow/View/Desks and select a WD from the list.
  2. Using the main menu system at the top of the screens go to Workflow/View/Desks and you will be brought to the same Select Desktop screen.

    That’s 3 clicks, a scroll to find the right one (if it IS the right one!) and another click to open the desk.  Imagine if, like me, you like more than one open at a time and use dual monitors to display and drag them to different areas on the monitors!


Time Saving Navigation:

So let’s instead only go through the effort ONCE and from that point forward use a single click to display the CORRECT WD every time and here’s how.

  1. Once you have displayed a WD using one of the methods above, click on the Workflow menu and select Bookmark Record.

    The following screen with options will appear.

  2. In the Name field you can give this ‘bookmark’ whatever name helps you recall what this desk does for you.  I am going to call this one ‘3D Inventory Replenishment’.  Remember, this will work like any other bookmark in Greentree; meaning:
    - you can set this bookmark to expire on a certain date
    - and/or you can use the “Create In” button to create a series of folders for easier grouping and classifications

    Now when I look at my list of Bookmarks I can get to my WD with ONE click.

You may not realize it, but if you have 10 WD’s you use regularly (and if you don’t have 10 you better call us or watch for our other blogs!) you may be losing 15 minutes per day or 62.5 hours per year just getting to your valuable WDs! 

Let’s get rid of that NVT!  For more helpful tips and tricks with Greentree, here’s a couple other posts you might like: 

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 If you have questions about Greentree and using bookmarks and workflow desks, email us at

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