Using Drill-Down in Management Reporter (MR)

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on April 20, 2016

One feature of Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter that isn’t used often is the drill-down feature using an Attribute column.  Here are some helpful tips for setting up a report to use the drill-down feature to get detailed information for report line items.

First, a few important caveats about using the drill-down feature:

1.  You must use the report option Detail Level of Financial, Account, & Transaction:

2.  You must drill down on a PERIODIC column, and cannot drill down on YTD or CALC columns.  If both a PERIODIC and a YTD or CALC column exists, the drill down will pull data based on the PERIODIC column.

How to set up drill-down in a MR report:

To set up an Attribute column, open the report, then open the Column Definition.  Add a column for each Attribute you want to see.  In this example, we are going to add a column for Vendor Name, and a column for Transaction Description, as that is the data we want to see on this report, an Income Statement report.

Set up the columns like this:

  1. Add a Header for each column that describes the Attribute
  2. Choose a Column Type of ATTR (Attribute)
  3. For Book Code / Attribute Category, you have to select the item you wish to see in the drill down.  In this example, the first column we want to see is Transaction Description.  Double click on the field, and choose the first item listed, Transaction Description.  The Vendor Name is a little trickier, as that is not an option listed.  To get that data, select Originating Master Record Name. 


That is all the data we need to complete for those Attribute columns, Header (optional), Column Type and Book Code / Attribute Category.  This is what the column definition looks like, after adding the Attribute columns:

Now, when you generate the report, you can drill-down to see this detail.  When you drill-down into this report on the Salary Expenses line, you get results that show a description of Payroll Computer Checks and the name of the vendor, in this case an employee:

You can also drill down into a Revenue line, and because we had Originating Master Record Name in the definition, you get those customer names, and the Transaction Description:


If you need any assistance with drill-downs using the Attribute columns in Microsoft Dynamics GP Management Reporter Designer, please contact Crestwood Support for help at

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