Using Marketing Automation with CRM

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 22, 2013

Getting your customers’ attention can be tough, even when they already like you.  Also, making that process as easy and automated as possible, while still keeping it personal can seem impossible. Enter marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation has experienced the fastest growth of any customer relationship management (CRM) - related process in the last 5 years. Marketing automation allows you to have labor-intensive tasks carried out repeatedly by software platforms and it’s completely automated. You just set it up and move on. Marketing automation and CRM are complimentary tools when paired together are one reach their full potential and is quite the dynamic duo!

How can marketing automation help my company?

One major benefit of this is that sales and marketing communication are more streamlined and are sent when they are most relevant. For example, through the email marketing campaign function, email templates can be preset so that your sales team can send out automatic follow-up emails after meeting with prospective clients.

Even better, marketing automation gives you the ability to use the behavioral information collected by your marketing automation tool so that you can send targeted messages and drip emails that are personalized to your prospects’ interests and stages in the buying cycle. This is just one way marketing automation can help your company improve productivity and sales. 

Here is a list of features that marketing automation can provide to your company that you won’t find in CRM alone:

·         Lead Nurturing: With marketing automation, you can automatically nurture leads through the sales cycle with minimal investment in time or resources.

·         Prospect Records & Alerts: Prospects tracking and analytics give you insight into prospects behavior and interests, while real-time alerts keep you in the loop.

·         ROI Reporting: Track your campaign ROI and cost per opportunity using closed-loop reporting features of a marketing automation platform.

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