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Posted by John Gabrys on January 25, 2017

Every day we forget to work on minimizes or eliminating our NVT’s.  What are NVT’s?  Non Value-added Tasks.  Today’s topic is just one more way to recapture YOUR valuable time.

How do I get the correct price for a customer sales order item when I’m entering the sales order from Excel (using FREE)?

Many of our clients upload and write sales orders to Greentree from outside sources using the Greentree FREE Excel add in.  If you are also using Greentree Price Books or Advanced Pricing though the standard functions in FREE, you are required to enter the price prior to writing the order into the system.

So, how do you get the ‘right’ price? 

To resolve this problem, you might just open the Sales Order screen and enter the order, or use the Inventory Price inquiry screen, and then copy that price into your order in Excel.  This consumes far too much time, approximately 1 minute per line of each Sales Order.  Instead, use the following FREE function in the Unit Price cell as shown below. 

Note:  this FREE function is NOT found in the Greentree HELP system.

Here is a sample Excel FREE sales order.


If you have 10 sales orders with 3 lines items per order this will save you at least 30 seconds per line or 15 minutes each time.  This goes without saying the accuracy of having Greentree find the correct price eliminating any mistakes or typos.

Let’s get rid of that NVT and improve accuracy!  If you have questions about Greentree and the FREE Excel add-in, email us at

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