Using the Schedule Assistant and Bookable Resource Groups in Dynamics CRM Field Service 2016

Posted by Brenda Senger on August 22, 2016

Along with the newest roll­­out of Field Service in Dynamics CRM 2016 came quite a few changes.  One big change we’ve been helping our clients with is how to create bookable resource groups and how those groups appear in the schedule assistant.

Bookable Resource Groups functionality is best utilized when you have service technicians that frequently work or are sent out together. Setting up the group itself is not difficult; however, there are a few subtle and important features to take note of.

Setting up the Group

  1. Navigate to Field Service > Administration > Bookable Resources
  2. Select new or edit an existing bookable resource.
  3. To add a group member to a new or existing group, click the drop down arrow next to the group’s name in the top navigation bar and select Resource Group (Parent Resource).
  4. Under the Bookable Resource Group Associated View select Add New Bookable Resource

From here it is important that you make your new group the Parent Resource; whereas, the contact, user, or equipment is the Child Resource.

Groups in the Schedule Assistant

It is important to know how your group will be scheduled, here are some important points you need to know that directly effects how the Schedule Assistant works:

  • Your group will take on the geo-code of the business unit (specifically, the latitude and longitude) that is attached to the company or resource location selected in start and end location.
  • Your group only takes into consideration its own characteristics, not the characteristics of the resources attached to it (this applies directly to the scheduling assistant, the schedule board does not factor in characteristics).
  • Your group will schedule every child resource associated with it, even if that resource doesn’t have a characteristic that matches the incident type.

We recommend you try things out first - play around a bit with it.  If you still have questions, let us know and we would be happy to help you.  Just email us at

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