Vendor Balance Validation in Acumatica

Posted by Melissa Blassingame on October 9, 2016

There are instances, in Acumatica, when you see a document showing an "open" status and it really should be "closed" or you might notice a balance on the Vendor Maintenance screen that does not match the balance in a report.  This is when you need to run the Validate Vendor Balances process in Acumatica.  This process will fix documents that are not the correct status, and recalculate any out of sync balances between the vendor screen and reports.

Here's how to run the Validate Vendor Balances:

  1. Find the document that is showing an open status even though it should be closed because it has been applied and the Bill is showing as closed.  To do this, go to: Finance -> Accounts Payable -> Enter -> Bills and Ajustments -> Applications Tab, Screen ID AP301000.
  2. Go to the document showing the open status in:  Finance -> Accounts Payable -> Work Area -> Explore -> Vendor Details, Screen ID AP402000
  3. Run the Validate Vendor Balances process.  Go to:  Accounts Payable -> Processes -> Closing -> Validate Vendor Balances, Screen ID AP509900
  4. Select the financial period you want to validate balances for.  Acumatica will default to the earliest financial period that is open.
  5. Select a vendor class if necessary, select a set of vendors, or leave it blank to validate all vendors.
  6. Last, click on Process or Process All.
  7. After running the process, you now should see the document with a closed status.  Go to:  Finance > Accounts Payable > Work Area > Explore > Vendor Details, Screen ID AP402000.


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