What’s coming in CRM Online 2015?

Posted by Donna Krizik on July 2, 2015

Have you been paying attention to all the e-mails Microsoft sends about your software? If you’re like me, we all bypass a few here.  But there is one you should pay particular attention to, the CRM Online 2015 update emails. Why? Because even if you have used CRM Online for a few years now, this update will be different from the rest.  And if you haven’t upgraded to CRM online just yet, you should look into all the benefits. CRM Online 2015 comes with a lot of great features like global search, improved products and more powerful Business Process Flows.

If you are a CRM Online user already, you may have even seen this notice appear at the top of the navigation bar in your current version of CRM online. Although the upgrade is optional, you should consider it. If you don’t feel prepared, postpone your upgrade and get prepared. Outlined here are some of the important things to prepare for before your upgrade. 


There have been some complaints about the look and feel of CRM Online 2013.   Microsoft heard your gripes and many interface updates have been made. This might make you happy, but that also means that the user interface will change too. So plan on testing your customizations and screen configurations and make sure they will work properly after the upgrade. CRM Online 2015 will render differently so it will cache differently too. You may have to work with your web developer and IT staff to be sure you have a smooth transition.

Don’t start to panic though. Microsoft released a validation tool that can detect any problems early on and will map out what you need to do to fix them.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or 9. All user workstations must have IE 10, IE 11, or the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox before you update to CRM Online 2015.

Note: Be sure that any of your customizations to your organizations CRM do not depend on any of these features before you update.


Microsoft has also removed support for several JavaScript APIs. If you use any of these listed below, your code will likely break once you update to CRM Online 2015. The removed APIs are the following:

  • · context.getServerURL (Microsoft recommends using getClientURL instead.)
  • · context.isOutlookClient (Microsoft recommends using client.getClient instead.)
  • · context.isOutlookOnline (Microsoft recommends using client.get instead.)


  • · Support for the Kit type of Product has been removed.
  • · Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router support for Exchange 2007 has been removed.
  • · Support for the 2007 SDK SOAP Endpoint has been removed.


To learn more about how to use CRM Online 2015 Update 1, download Microsoft’s Training Kit here

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