Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: New Features & What's Coming

Posted by Jen Bieker on September 30, 2015

Microsoft has recently revealed details around the release of Dynamics GP 2016. GP 2016 will be rolling out in May 2016 and important updates will make it more powerful than ever. 

The Dynamics GP Roadmap below outlines that transformation of Dynamics GP since 2013 and where the future leads.

Notice anything interesting? Here’s a hint: microsoft heard what you had to say! View Dynamics GP 2016 Highlights →

That's right. Microsoft is implementing your top feature requests! 

11 highlights coming in GP 2016:

1 May 2016 release date

2 HTML5 web interface

3 More “All in One” document viewers for inventory, sales, and project expenses
Check out the Dynamics GP 2015 R2 All in One Purchasing Viewer

4 Purchasing Requisitions - Project Integration

5 HTTPS Support for Management Reporter Viewer

6 Multiple Page Scan

7 Default EFT File Formats For Scotia Bank

8 Change Workflow Approval Conditions

9 Enable Credit card Payment Type for Check Run Processing

10 Increase Distribution Reference Field Size

11 Named User Licensing Support for Self Service User Type


There is also a rumor that Dynamics GP 2016 could introduce support for Power BI charts on GP role centers, and improvements to SmartLists.

Share a Feature Request with Microsoft

Have feature or solution you would love to see in Dynamics GP? Don’t be shy! Microsoft is listening. Sure, you have to register for Microsoft “Connect”, but what a small price to pay to see your improvements rolled out in a new release. 

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