Using a SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP to Find out Who, What, and When

Posted by Jason Barton, Project Manager on August 4, 2016

Who, what, and when are the most commonly asked questions for our Dynamics GP support team.

  • Who is the vendor or customer for an entry?
  • What user posted a transaction?
  • When was it posted?

We are going to share our secret with you.  To find out the answers, just use a SmartList.

Here’s How:

Go to the SmartList by choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP menu - SmartList. You can use a SmartList to create customized inquiries to provide easier and faster access to information stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP, including information about accounts, customers, employees, vendors, transactions, and items.

  1. Open the SmartList (Dynamics GP - SmartList)
  2. Open Financial Transactions
  3. Select “Columns” and add the following columns:

    • To answer “Who”: User Who Posted

    • To answer “What”: Originating Master ID, Originating Master Name, and Originating Document Number

    • To answer “When”: Originating Posting Date

  4. Run the SmartList and you can also export the results to Excel.  Here is an example of what you would see in Excel.  Notice, you can see the user who posted the transaction, the vendor, and the posted date.  (Click on the image to enlarge)



Feel free to contact our Dynamics GP support team if you have further questions or need help setting up your SmartList.

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