Why Auditing Tracking in Dynamics GP is Important

Posted by Donna Krizik on July 22, 2015

Are you using an auditing toll to track changes in your Dynamics GP system? Most people aren’t, and they really should be.

If you’ve used GP for more than 5 minutes, you know that there are continuous changes in the system, weather manual or automatic. And it can be very eye-opening and valuable to be able to trace those changes back to their source. So why don’t more users audit their system? Most likely it is just a case of not knowing that they should be. Which can cause bigger problems for the user and their company

Why Auditing is Important for SMB’s?

Auditing keeps you on top of who modifies your data. Protecting you from fraud and simple human error.

For example, did you know in Dynamics GP you can change the vendor name in a vendor master record? You can change the vendor name from “Crestwood Associates” to “John Williams and it will then cut the check for John. You can then go back and change the vendor name to Crestwood Associates and no one would ever know who the check was written to. With an auditing tool, you can avoid that.

Human Error Recovery

Here is another common, human error that happens all the time. Let’s say a user changes a customer’s telephone number in a customer record and then saved the change without realizing the change was made. With an auditing tool in place, you would receive a log that would indicate the change. The old number will be here and you can now go in and make the fix.

Just take a few minutes and think about all the small mishaps/errors that happen weekly. Wouldn’t you feel much more at ease if you had an auditing tool to act as a recovery?

GP Add-on Recovery

Another solid benefit of auditing tools is when you are troubleshooting custom code or add-ons for GP. Having alerts that help you recognize something bad has happened with your data changes allows you to fix the issue immediately.

What auditing tool should you use?

There are a few auditing tools in the market but why not use what you already have inside of Dynamics GP with, Activity Tracking. Activity Tracking is not a totally acceptable tool for audit tracking, but it is a good start. Here are some of the things you can track with Activity Tracking in Dynamics GP.

  • Provide basic logging of basic Dynamics GP security events
  • Track when a window was successfully opened or failed to open
  • Track when users modify or delete a master record or transaction
  • Track when users post a specific type of batch

For a full list of things Activity Tracking can do click here. 

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