Why You Should Upgrade to Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 15, 2014

Many businesses have skipped ERP software upgrades at one point or another.  Upgrades can be a double edge sword.  On one hand, businesses want to keep up with technology, gaining the benefits of functionality improvements and enhancements.  But on the other hand, they don’t want to constantly keep changing their operations to adapt to new functionality.

Quite honestly, most organizations don’t upgrade because they want the latest and greatest new features, but rather because they have to in order to continue to have annual maintenance and support.

So, what’s in the upgrade to Dynamics SL 2015 that you should be excited about and be getting benefits from?  Here’s a summary of what we think you’ll be most interested in.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 has 3 major areas of enhancements:

  1. Work productivity – work from anywhere on any device with web apps, including more flexible time entry options, the ability to attach expense receipts, project and budget maintenance and inquiries, and an interactive resource management dashboard.  Also, our favorite, unlimited report formats.
  2. Delivery of information across your organization – new customizable themes, Sharepoint integration, source code for web apps, and don’t forget, multi-currency and multi-company area enhancements.
  3. And more flexible integration with other systems- such as two-way integration with Microsoft Project, extensible web services, system manager to help you import and integrate information from other systems, and a Dynamics CRM connector.

In addition, you now have the ability to deploy Dynamics SL in the cloud and integrate with Office 365.  There are more web apps for mobile devices, project analysis, project maintenance, and project approvals.  Don’t forget about the major improvements to the reporting and financial capabilities.  To read more details on these and other new features and enhancements, please visit our blog posts at:



Or download:

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 – Enhanced Features and Expanded Access http://www.crestwood.com/docs/pdfs/DynamicsSL2015Features.pdf

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Capabilities Guide  http://www.crestwood.com/docs/pdfs/microsoftdynamicsslcapabilitesguide2015.pdf

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