Windows 10 Is Almost Here

Posted by Donna Krizik on June 16, 2015

Back in 2014, Microsoft mentioned Windows 10 at a glance at Build Convention (2014). Now we have word that it will have general availability on July 29, 2015. There is also word that you can get a free upgrade and reserve it ahead of time. This is all true. But who is eligible for this upgrade? How do you get it? And if you are not eligible, what will it cost you? There are many questions surrounding the release of Windows 10 so we did some research ourselves. We have the answers for you here in our Windows 10 Q&A Sheet.

First, let’s take a look at what new features you can expect to see in Windows 10. 

Windows 10 Features

If you’ve worked with Windows 7 or 8.1, you already have a leg up. Microsoft took the best of both versions to create Windows 10, so you are already the expert! Here are some of the new features you will find in Windows 10 that make it even better.

START MENU: Microsoft listened and the start menu is back! With a similar look to the old start menu, live tiles are back as well. On the left you have your most used apps, power and user-settings. The middles and right columns are where you will find your “Live Tiles” which are basically your Windows apps. 

SNAP ASSIST: With snap assist you can resize windows easily to fill a quarter or half of your screen. Snap up to 4 windows on your screen.  

TASK VIEW: Get a full view of all of your applications you are currently running without having to leave an app. You can now multitask and switch between apps with ease and speed.

ACTION CENTER: If you cursor over the right hand side of the screen, the action center is a new hub that will show you your latest notifications like emails and app messages. You can also find quick settings here like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as “all settings”. It’s a quick way to get to your emails as well as turn your Wi-Fi on and off easily. 

CONTINUUM: This is the new mode for 2-in-1 devices. When Windows senses you are no longer using your keyboard and mouse, it will automatically switch to “tablet” mode. This screen is a more simplified scree, with just Cortana, app switcher and a Start button.

WINDOWS STORE APPS – now going by the name of Windows App, it can now be used across ALL devices. And don’t worry, all older Windows Store apps will work with Windows 10.

MICROSOFT EDGE – This is Microsoft’s new browser. This browser is said to be much faster and more simplified that Internet Explorer. It is integrated with Cortana and the lets you write or type notes directly on the web page to share with others.  

CORTANA– This is instant access to key actions like making reservations, searching the web, reading reviews, scheduling appointments and reminders, all without leaving the page you are on. The more you do, the more Cortana learns about you and the more personal and useful it becomes. Cortana will take notes and reminders for you. You can get scheduled reminders that will remind you at the right time and place so you forget less and get more done. Type it in or speak your request to Cortana. 

SECURITY – Windows 10 was designed to help you protect your data and devices. If you were to lose your device, you’d be happy to know that there have been anti-phasing and anti-malware advancements in Windows 10.

Interested in learning more about Windows 10 and how you can get your free upgrade? Download our Windows 10 Q&A Sheet here

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