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Posted by Jen Bieker on July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015 – After 9 months of public beta testing, the final version of Windows 10 has been released.  You can upgrade Free of charge if you already have Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8.1 on your PC.

How to Upgrade

To get the Windows 10 upgrade, just register from your taskbar by clicking on the small Windows icon on the right side of the taskbar.  Follow the instructions and Microsoft will notify you once it’s ready to be installed.

If you pre-registered, check in your control panel under Windows Update.  If it looks like this, then you are ready to go.

If you aren’t pre-registered and do not have the windows icon, you might have to upgrade to Windows 7 SP1.  To check which version of Windows is on your computer, go to your start menu, then right click on “Computer”, then go to properties.

In the properties area you will see information about the version of Windows on your computer.  Note if you have Service Pack (SP) 1.

If you need to upgrade to Windows 7 SP1, here’s the link.  After you do, you’ll be ready to download and install Windows 10.

Why Windows 10?

Over the years, I have gotten more hesitant about upgrading right away.  Maybe you’re like me, and upgrades just seem to cause problems.  Things are moved, in different spots, work differently, or don’t work at all.  Sometimes we wait until we are forced to upgrade.  Well, with Windows 10, that’s not the case.  They kept a lot of familiarity and brought back some of the things we missed. 

Here’s my list of favorites in Windows 10:

  • The start menu – with apps
  • More built-in security features
  • Faster speeds – starts up and resumes more quickly
  • Microsoft Edge – the new internet browser – you can write or type notes directly on the webpages and then share them with others.
  • Screen snapping – If you own a Mac, you probably use this already.  It’s a great feature – snap up to four things on one screen at the same time and create additional desktops you can switch between.|
  • Built-in apps – mail, photo, calendar, music, movies, OneDrive, etc. are already there and sync between your windows devices.
  • Windows app store – download apps, music, games, movies, and more.
  • Xbox – what can I say – stream your Xbox games on your Windows 10 device, the best part, it made my Xbox mobile!

If you need more information, please contact Crestwood Associates at or check out our Windows 10 Q&A.

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