Accurate Accounting Software for Financial Management Companies

Don't rely on outdated accounting software to help you powerful financial reports. Manual processes, over-reliance on spreadsheets, re-keying data from one system to another – introduce the opportunity for error and all threaten the accuracy of your financial reporting. 

The right software can help you…

  • Access real-time business insights allowing managers to make decisions in the present, versus after the fact when it may be too late
  • Eliminate the need to do redundant data entry in multiple systems and spreadsheets
  • Automate intercompany transactions and consolidation with true inter- and intra-company accounting 
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual journal entries
  • Establish financial controls with complete audit trails throughout the entire system
  • Keep your information safe and secure in order to avoid theft and fraud 

Financial Management Software Sollutions address problem-areas

  • Lengthy, painful financial close process because of multiple locations or outdated technology
  • Lack of truly reliable financial data because operation data is not integrated and must be addressed manually
  • Inability to restrict users (employees, vendors, customers, subcontractors) by role, record or account

Key financial data to help you make the right software decision

It’s not enough to offer a solution to the common and not-so-common problems that you may face.  You need to know how much it will cost, what the total cost of ownership (TCO) will be, and what kind of return on investment to expect.  Only then can you make a responsible purchase decision.  Many solution providers expect you to make a decision without that key data – we think that’s reckless. We will provide you with an analysis based on the specific needs of your company that includes a fixed cost (no unpleasant surprises down the road), TCO, and ROI.

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